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CCNA2 Chapter 9 v5. They are applied to interfaces to control traffic. When dynamic NAT without overloading is being used, what happens if seven users attempt to access a public server on the Internet when only six addresses are available in the NAT pool?

No other traffic should be allowed to this server. Which method is used by a PAT-enabled router to send incoming packets Chapter 9 answers the correct inside hosts?

It is the traditional firewall deployment mode. Both filter packets for a specific destination host IP address. R1 config ip nat inside source static tcp UDP can be used when an application can tolerate some data loss.

The dhcpd auto-config outside command was issued to enable the DHCP server. What is the purpose of the command marked with an arrow shown in the partial configuration output of a Cisco broadband router?

Which statement describes the default result if the administrator tries to assign the Inside interface with the same security level as the DMZ interface? The company has more private IP addresses than available public IP addresses.

The lower the security level on an interface, the more trusted the interface. Creating the pool of inside global addresses is accomplished using the ip nat pool command. Because parts of the header of the IP packets are modified, the router needs to alter the checksum of the IPv4 packets.

For easy access by hosts on the Internet, external users do not need to specify the port when visiting the web server.

What is a possible reason that the client PC cannot access the web server? Define the hello and interval timers to match the adjacent neighbor router.

Apply NAT to internal and external interfaces by using the ip nat inside and ip nat outside commands. Both can be created by using either a descriptive name or number. PAT with an address pool is appropriate when more than 4, simultaneous translations are needed by the company.

Port forwarding allows users to reach servers on the Internet that are not using standard port numbers. Which action should be taken by the administrator to configure the third interface? Match the steps with the actions that are involved when an internal host with IP address It saves public IP addresses.

The FTP server is also a web server that is accessible to all internal employees on networks within the Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question. It allows many internal hosts to share the same public IPv4 address. Any TCP traffic is allowed to reach the It sends to the server a segment with the SYN flag set to synchronize the conversation.

We truly value your contribution to the website. What is the cause of this problem? Create a second access list denying the host and apply it to the same interface.

However, there are some drawbacks of using NAT. What action can the administrator take to block packets from host The web server is configured to listen on TCP port They are not routable across the Internet.

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The administrator needs to acquire the Security Plus license, because the Base license does not support the proposed action. The source list 4 part of the command refers to the access list that defines what private addresses get translated.

The administrator wants to configure a third VLAN interface with limited functionality.Geometry Chapter 9 Answers 35 Chapter 9 Answers Practice 1. No; the triangles are not the same size.

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Nulliparity also. Feb 06,  · CCNA 2 v + v + v Chapter 9 Exam Answers % Updated Full Questions latest Routing and Switching Essentials. Free download PDF File/5(74). CCNA Security Chapter 9 Exam Answer v2 Refer to the exhibit. An administrator creates three zones (A, B, and C) in an ASA that filters traffic.

Traffic originating from Zone A going to Zone C is denied, and traffic originating from Zone B going to Zone C is denied. What is a possible scenario More. CHAPTER 9: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 01/06/ Appendix V Document Custody Manual Chapter 9 Page 1 of 8 PART A.

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