Conflict resolution in africa

However, those who utilise such courts do so out of choice in many cases, and believe that they have more in common with the adjudicators and methods of adjudication, in contrast to the prevailing judicial system. Renegotiation might be necessary.

Conflict resolution

Proponents of the management approach, on the other hand, believe that attempts to resolve conflicts are unrealistic, so rather than dealing with basic issues, attention should be concentrated on ameliorating the symptoms of the conflict, and in this way reducing suffering Ryan Peacekeeping and peace building are now part of the training of all senior officers in the U.

Others included the Kenya-Somali warthe Somali-Ethiopian conflictthe Egypt-Libya conflictthe Eritrea-Ethiopia border conflict and the Cameroon-Nigeria conflict over the disputed oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula.

The foregoing are some of the complex and deep-rooted concerns which must be addressed in conflict resolution efforts in Africa.

These courts represent at once an indigenous cultural institution and an important instrument of reconciliation.

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This view holds good to some extent, but it is far from being the general trend. Africa Notes, Aprilp. The Yugoslavian conflict, European mediation, and the contingency model: Today, there are tens of thousands of people who have full time- careers in governments, NGOs, and consulting firms specializing in conflict resolution The academic community has also contributed to these efforts by providing theoretical insights to the global conflict situation.

Zimbabwe is also currently facing serious political upheavals as a result the land policy of Robert Mugabe.

Anthropology, travel and government. In these situations, conflict resolvers often talk about finding a mutually satisfying " win-win " solution for everyone involved. Bennett points to the undesirability of this overlap in jurisdiction which could lead to forum-shopping and actions being removed from a wrong court to the correct forum, with consequent loss of time and money Bennett b: The court always enquires whether the disputing parties have tried to come to a mutual settlement beforehand, and frequently refers a case back to the families involved to attempt by private discussion to resolve their dispute.

The ensuing hypothesis is that the parameters of the settlement process are determined by the nature of the relationships involved.

Traditions of conflict resolution in South Africa

The nature of an incompatibility can be territorial or governmentalbut a warring party must be a "government of a state or any opposition organization or alliance of organizations that uses armed force to promote its position in the incompatibility in an intrastate or an interstate armed conflict".

Cappelletti castigates the western orientation towards a rights culture, which looks upon judicial solutions or contentious justice as an ideal, to the exclusion of other possibilities such as are promoted in other civilisations, which he describes as coexistential justice Cappelletti Meaningful transformation also includes sustainable structural and attitudinal changes within broader society and the emergence of new institutions to address outstanding issues Rupesinghe nd: The Commission is satisfied that with the exception of courts of chiefs and headmen [emphasis added] the policy of separate courts for Blacks is outmoded and obsolete.

The tribunals seem to have been intended for punishing individuals chosen for destruction by the powerful stakeholders rather than for unearthing the causes of conflict that remain deeply rooted in the respective societies.

The majority of these were women and children. So far as possible the tribunal is stripped of legal formality and of any past association with oppressive state institutions. In fact, relief and development organizations have added peace-building specialists to their teams.

African states have also remained spheres of influence of former colonial powers, and no power in the world has been interested in changing that situation.

A commonly used sanction, particularly in the hands of the peer group, is mockery or ridicule, often in the form of chants or songs.

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As in our society, bogeys and threats of supernatural punishments are often resorted to in an attempt to frighten a child into obedience. New York, The Guilford Press. The University of Lawone of the oldest common law training institutions in the world, offers a legal-focused masters degree in Conflict Resolution as an LL.

These are only some examples of the conflicts in Africa which General Obasanjo described aptly as the continent with the greatest number of conflicts. The case in Africa has been the transition to participatory democracy. Conflict resolution by peaceful means is always a better option. Failure to do this could result in the alienation of key stakeholders and role-players from the peace process.

These African leaders have not only retained the politics of power and violence, but many of them have also continued to reinforce the tradition. Its supremacy cannot be challenged. Southern Cameroons National Council The judge plays little, if any, role in the process and it is usually left to the parties to negotiate the consent order through their legal representatives.

Intervention actors and approaches Intervention agencies or actors A review of intervention efforts in African conflicts in the last two or three decades of the 20th century brings out two main trends in regard to the main actors or agencies and the intervention approaches involved.

West Africa,pp.

Conflict Resolution in Africa: The Case of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)

This gap between words or principles and the actual situation on the ground is what has for long had affected efforts towards conflict resolution in many parts of Africa. In spite of the condemnation of colonialism, in spite of the breach of international law, and in spite of the incompatibility theory of plural states espoused by Woodrow Wilson in Esthus and other scholars including Walzer, Kantowicz and HighamFurnival and Smiththe world community does not only orphan these conflicts Crocker, Hampson and Aallbut considers them, albeit erroneously, as secessionist conflicts.

King, Martin Luther jr. Conflict in work society.While dramatic changes are taking place on the international scene and among the major powers, Africa continues to suffer from a multitude of violent conflicts.

This time last year, the world was cautiously optimistic that at least some of Africa’s deadly conflicts were on course for resolution. After having claimed some two million lives, Sudan’s twenty-year civil war appeared close to an end. The center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution (CAPCR) was established in at California State University, Sacramento to provide conflict resolution and reconciliation services for agencies, govenments, organizations, buisnesses communities and groups through trainings, education, research and intervention.

Senator Feingold delivered the opening keynote speech on U.S. policy in Africa, recent conflict and events in Somalia, January 10, Superpower Conflict Resolution in Africa. 26 South Africa and Conflict Resolution in Africa: From Mandela to Zuma Katabaro Miti University of Pretoria, South Africa Abstract This article looks at how the three presidential leaders of South Africa – Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki.

Conflict Management in Africa Diagnosis of Current Practices and Future Prospects By: Severine M. Rugumamu Ethiopia conflict emerges, cause and consequence tend to blend.

Hostility might be a consequence of and polarization carry participants away .

Conflict resolution in africa
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