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By Qinfang Li on Aug 26, The book looks good and help me to save a lot of money! The worst part is the price. DollahiteJulie Haun. The main reason I no longer use the book is that it teachers APA format while the the college-transfer English class that my students are preparing to take will require them to use MLA.

Excellent explanation and practice of paraphrasing and paraphrasing challenges. One of the best investments in my undergraduate career.

Jiffri on Nov 22, Good. But it took me sooooo long to get Grammatically explicit examples of how to include evidence into writing.

The delivery is fast, and I got it on time. These are more readable, very intriguing and a good start to doing research. This is a write-in workbook, so in our college only new books are allowed.

Add a Dollahite source work academic writing Review Book Summary: The authors have gathered articles for three general themes Risk for Change, Globalization, and New Technology. The books format for a rough outline begins with a research question; the next item is the essay focus.

To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Helpful exercises, not so great readings By Agard on Dec 12, I have used this for an advanced community college ESOL class that focuses on writing a research paper.

The book has two sections: The title of this book is Sourcework and it was written by Nancy E. I bet you think that essay focus means a rudimentary thesis, or at least what the essay will focus on. Moreno on Mar 23, good book for starting on writting an essay, good pointer in direction in how organice ideas and to outline everything, not so good for reference on APA, but still it was good.

Well, it is in MLA. Writing is essential and sometimes difficult for non native speakers. As a teacher, I keep finding more and more ways to use the book even more efficiently. The book is sealed in the plastic and well protected. It was published by Heinle ELT and has a total of pages in the book.

Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources

Lingenfelter on Sep 07, Okay book for what it is, but some of the sample articles in the second part are quite out of date. Most of my students choose to create their own research questions based on the theme we study and add research from sources outside the book.

The final chapter in Part One is an overview to guide students through future papers. The first half the book has helpful exercises that require students to evaluate and revise thesis statements, evidence to support points, and so on.Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources / Edition 2 The second edition of Sourcework, designed to help students make use of outside sources, has been updated and enhanced to better guide writers through the challenges of their first academic research $ Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources, 2nd Edition by Nancy E.

Dollahite, Julie Haun. Click here for the lowest price! Paperback, Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources, The digit and digit formats both work. Scan an ISBN with your phone This item: Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources, 2nd Edition by Nancy E. Dollahite Paperback $ Temporarily out of stock.

/5(86). Sourcework helps students work from outside sources and guides them through the challenging terrain of their first academic research papers. Students master all the skills necessary to support their own ideas: note-taking from readings, analyzing information, outlining structures, creating thesis statements, authoring introductions and conclusions, and writing and refining/5(11).

Sourcework: Academic Writing From Sources By Julie Haun, Nancy E. Dollahite Nancy E. Dollahite Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources pdf, in that case you come on to loyal website.

We own Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources Learn which perennials work best in different climates, landscaping situations, sun, or shade.

Filter. Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources Dollahite, Nancy E. and Haun, Julie (). Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources.

Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources, 2nd Edition

Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.

Dollahite source work academic writing
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