Employee motivation and job satisfaction in a bank

On the face of statistical findings, difference in percentage between satisfaction and dissatisfaction suggests that factors of salary, inter-personal relationship, communication, attitude of superiors, working conditions and team work are more significant in determining job satisfaction of employees of the ICICI bank in Himachal Pradesh.

Limitations of the Study 1. Hence, differential nature of samples, groups and regions, provides a ground for more researches on job satisfaction of employees of banking sector in the state of Himachal Pradesh. A study of those who mould the future of India. The main focus of this study was to assess the job satisfaction of bank employees in the context of organizational factors.

Shallu Sehgal her study of private and public sector banks employees in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh indicated that socio-economic variable, such as, age, sex, and income were significantly correlated with job satisfaction of employees.

The conclusion mentioned above should be understood as indication. Soumendu Biswas reported that psychological climate proved to be a significant positive predictor of job satisfaction.

We depended on the reliability and validity of the instrument as indicated in original manual of MSQ. The effects of high morale on employee performance.

They must be recognized given adequate incentives to outstanding employees. Since it provides relatedness among tasks and responsibilities, and among people who work for an organization, sooner or later come to evaluate the nature of those relationships and of their jobs. These disputes may cause loss of workforce, wages and production.

The market situations, technology, labour, work environment, and work culture are changing very rapidly. But those who were not satisfied with this were in higher proportion So, to sum up, it can be said advanced technology also needs human minds to handle it or to work with it.

It is a source of satisfaction to people. Application, assessment, causes, and consequences. Their proportion happened to be sizably greater, that is, between 50 to 70 per cent. The banking sector has been restructuring its organization design, policies, structure, working conditions etc.

Not only this, the ICICI bank like many other private banks has adopted measures to provide congenial environment to its employees, better career opportunities and welfare to keep their morale high.

Intrinsic job satisfaction refers to how people feel about the nature of the job tasks themselves; extrinsic job satisfaction refers to how people feel about aspects of the work situation that are external to the job tasks or work itself Spector, Seniors should inculcate positive attitude towards their subordinates in helping them to perform assigned tasks with increased efficiency and in turn learn comfortably with cooperation of others.

Attrition, retention, recruitment, training, growth and development of employees, all converge directly or indirectly into the domain of job satisfaction Hence, understanding job satisfaction, is crucial, for effective management of diverse human resource, in the private and the public sector.

Asondariya and Kumar in Saurashtra region and Kutch district in the state of Gujarat. They reported that school policies, supervision, pay, interpersonal relations, opportunities for promotions and growth, working conditions, work itself, achievement, recognition, and responsibility were significantly associated with job satisfaction of teachers.

Summary of findings Based on statistical results mentioned in table 2 above, some important findings emerged.

Sporadic agitations by banking employees are indicative of the fact that understanding satisfaction of employees is very vital. One advantageous feature of the MSQ short form is that it can be used to measure two distinct components: International Journal of Management in Education, Vol.

From the table, it can be pointed out that there was preponderance of males with significantly more than half of the respondents i. The factors of salary, inter-personal relationship, communication, attitude of superiors, working conditions and team work were found to influence job satisfaction more than other factors, such as, training and development, rewards and compensation, nature of job, job security, morale and role clarity.

Determinants of job satisfaction of municipal government employees.

Above all, it can be said, that job satisfaction is very important for the individual and as well as an organizational concern.

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations,46 3: The most accepted meaning in literature, according to Cranny et. This marked the beginning to investigate factors of job satisfaction. As these are not evenly distributed, may affect differentially performance of the workers.JOB SATISFACTION IN BANKING: A STUDY OF PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS (COMPARATIVE STUDY) motivation, although it is clearly linked.

understand employees‟ job satisfaction level at banks and difference in level at public and. A study of this research is on the effects of employee motivation and job satisfaction to CIMB Bank Berhdad. CIMB Bank Berhdad is a bank that CIMB Group is Malaysia's second largest financial services provider and one of Southeast Asia's leading universal banking groups.

The motivation of banks employee plays a major role in achieving high level of satisfaction among its customers. Tanzania Postal Bank like other Banks and financial institutions is struggling to earn as employee motivation on job performance.

Introduction. This research is on the effects of employee motivation and job satisfaction to CIMB Bank Berhdad. CIMB Group is the second largest in terms of providing financial services in Malaysia, and is one of the leading banking groups in Southeast Asia today.


relation between employee absence from job, job turnover and employee satisfaction level. Empowerment of employees Michal & Cronin (), argued that the employees work as more productive and concurrent. satisfaction of bank employees is associated with different factors of job satisfaction which includes nature of job, working environment, salary and incentives linked job, promotional methods, performance appraisal, relationship with other employees and management, and.

Employee motivation and job satisfaction in a bank
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