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He gives several other similar examples. He also spends some time pointing out that one should never offer a criticism of a style of writing that they knowingly hate, or have a previous prejudice against.

Of Other Worlds is split into two parts. The futuristic setting should only be used if it adds something to the story. This essay reiterates much of what has been said before.

His views just spring naturally from the person that he is. One way in which fairy stories are superior is that they do not require the deep characterization that other works of literature do. One bad type is when an author sticks a normal story i. Richardson, who confidently predicted that the conditions of space travel and colonization, which he imagined would be engaged in by essentially all-male expeditions existing in what he pictured as unprecedented sexual Essay other story world the question a character in "Ministering Angels" asks, "How does it differ from men on whalers, or even on windjammers in the old days?

For example, if someone is being attacked by pirates, you could make them being attacked by regular robbers to the same end. Obviously, an author knows best if they did or did not actually do what a critic is saying.

In this last regard, it is most likely the critic is trying to say something else such as it sounds inspired because of certain elements in which case they should say that instead. Heinlein premised one of his worst short stories on it.

In this essay, Lewis discusses the things an author can learn as a critic, by reading others criticisms about his own work. How could I not? There is no fabrication of what some non-existant modern child may want, but a development of what a particular child is interested in. He uses food as an example.

This should be determined by the story, though, and not decided on beforehand. He gives other sub species such as the engineering type as well. There are people surrounding him, but only some faces or clothes are in focus.

It is only because fairy stories went out of favor that they became relegated to children the same thing happened with furniture according to Tolkien. Mar 08, Werner rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Synopsis This synopsis will contain spoilers!

He also attempts to deal with the criticism that romances are worthless. Lewis first briefly touches on the need for critics to be honest. One of the men stationed on Mars joins the crew of the other ship, and they mutiny, leaving the second captain and the women on Mars.

He walks along, finally seeing roses, and daffodils in focus.

He gives Tolkien and Lewis Carroll as examples of authors who do this. Something else must be driving them on, which Lewis argues is Story.

Suddenly, the narrator enters a world where everything is shoddy and out of focus. He quickly moves on to Essay other story world main points, the first of which is the need for a careful reading of what one is critiquing.

There are eight essays; the transcript of a recorded co Though this is a slim volume p. The three stories are "The Shoddy Lands," "Forms of Things Unknown," both of which would be difficult to discuss in detail without spoilersand "Ministering Angels.

Another is that the literature of the magical and fantastic speaks to universal human interests and themes, and is not as such inherently "childish" in a reductionist or invidious sense.

Another point that Lewis makes repeatedly is that if something is worth reading more than once, than obviously people were not just seeking the excitement aspect of the book, because all the surprises have already been ruined. One of my favorite authors, and one of the greatest minds of the 20th century takes the time to show Anyone interested in literature, especially speculative fiction Shelves: It was going to deal with Helen, aged, and potentially the idea that Menelaus must choose between the real, aged Helen and a beautiful Eidolon a fake fashioned by the gods at some point.Essay on Fairy Story - Fantasy: Just Another World A fairy story.

although it seems straightforward in definition, it is not as simple as it sounds. It is a sophisticated tale of unreal fairies living in a fantasy world, of which the creation requires several important ingredients.

Essay. possible to perceive the world as other people perceive it? In my opinion, I think people perceive the world in many different ways because people come from different backgrounds and they speak distinct language.

People perceive the world through senses, and refine the real pictures inside the brain together with their experiences and beliefs.

This short essay discusses the ways in which fair stories are at times the best method by which to write a story. This should be determined by the story, though, and not decided on beforehand.

One way in which fairy stories are superior is that they do not require the deep characterization that. If you're a writer who enjoys CS Lewis' works, then this collection (9 Essays, 3 Short stories, and an unfinished Novel fragment) is a treasure trove.

Here, CS Lewis writes about writing - the creation "of other worlds," as editor Walter Hooper decided to title it/5.

Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories

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Essay other story world
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