God is dead ron currie jr essay

Few authors would dare to depict the near rape and death of God amid a horrendous genocidal war, and fewer still could make it so bladder-threateningly hilarious. In "Retreat", the final tale, a holocaust is made possible by the fact that the entire population of America has meekly swallowed lobotomising pills.

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This is just one aspect of it, but I had a conversation with a very smart and celebrated writer whom I respect very much about how no matter how far afield a writer goes in terms of style, theme, plot, whatever, it all ultimately must exist in the service of a very plain, very human, very relatable story.

For a while after that I stopped working, more or less. In response, a new therapeutic specialty is established to assist them: In that story, a man decides to confront the mentally ill brother recently convicted of killing people with a statuette of the Virgin Mary.

And after that I lost the stomach for fishing, and have hardly done it since. Can you abide by this knowledge?

A Review of: God is Dead by Ron Currie, Jr.

When I turned the ignition and backed out of the driveway that a few hours before had belonged to both my parents and now belonged to just my mother, the opening strains of "Maggie May" came on the radio. Which is just as well, given the infirmity of some of the conceptual bedrock.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Or will it destroy you, empty you out, make you a husk among husks? How serious is Ron Currie? Whatever you have to do, find it, and read something true, if only once. The rest of the book is a bleak album of such snapshots—nine short stories that are both abrasive and disarmingly wise.

His latest novel is a wild ride, full of heart and heat. Buy it full price, find a remainder, swipe it from rapidshare, get a library card.

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The people at HuffPo were kind enough to offer me space, and even suggested a theme: Its true fascination lies in its nightmarish defeatism, which may reflect the feelings of many young Americans as they watch their superpowered nation blunder deeper and deeper into unwinnable wars and moral bankruptcy.

Parents try to fill the spiritual vacuum in their lives by worshiping their children. What do you find most challenging about writing?

God Is Dead

Watch baseball, work out, skulk in bars. Do you listen to anything while you write? Maybe next time, he should go easy on the Armageddon.

If you search the internet, you will find "the official-ish website of author and amateur bass fisherman ron currie, jr", and a number of interviews in which the former short-order cook from Maine keeps the tone casual and breezy.Ron Currie, Jr.s first two works of fiction, God Is Dead and Everything Matters!, dazzled readers and critics alike with their audacity, originality, and psychological insight.

Hailed by the New York Times s Janet Maslin as a startlingly talented writer,” Currie once again moves and provokes us with his latest genre-bending novel, one that 5/5(2).

In Ron Currie Jr.’s debut, God comes to earth in the form of a Dinka woman “to observe firsthand the armed conflict between Sudan’s Islamic government and the Christian Nuer tribe in the south” but gets eaten by dogs in the process.

God Is Dead by Jr., Ron Currie and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at mint-body.com God is Dead by Ron Currie Jr -. Ron Currie, Jr., Reads: Postcard from Portland, Maine.

Spring is wet in Maine. The rivers swell and roadways succumb.

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Driveways turn to mud pits and basements flood. We take it all in stride, because living here is worth such minor irritations.

But this past spring, the rain seemed ceaseless. The book is a collection of related shorter stories about a world where God has come to earth and died. Plot. The book begins in Sudan, where God, disguised as a Dinka woman, attempts to help out around a refugee camp.

She speaks with the American diplomats visiting the camp, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, about finding the missing brother of the body she inhabits. "Ron Currie," proclaims the blurb, "combines the satirical prescience of Jonathan Swift, the dark appeal of Chuck Palahniuk and the provocative enquiry of Kurt Vonnegut".

It's almost true. God Is Dead is certainly a far more serious book than a précis might suggest; indeed, its pessimism and stoic poignancy are reminiscent of Raymond Carver, a formative influence.

God is dead ron currie jr essay
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