Inner beauty to physical beauty essay

Inner beauty is what you actually are and outer beauty is what you appear to other people.

Though one beauty has advantages of appearance, the other may be mental stability and are happy with whom they are inside. Essentials of College Writing. When both these types of beauties play important parts, one can never decide which is more important.

The inner beauty of women is stronger than, physical beauty but what do other people notice first?

The difference between both types of beauty is evident but when it comes to applying it practically, inner beauty leads the way. The individuals who symbol inner beauty would feel more deeply, and find it easier to release those emotions or stress; and with being healthier within, could make healthier choices in life.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Usually, people who have pure intentions towards others and can serve to be role models are said to have inner beauty. Everyone takes these matters in different ways but the fact remains the same, inner beauty contributes the most in the practical life.

Those who judge someone by their physical beauty are like those people who just read the front or back of a story book and judge how it will be.

When that time comes, that person will lose confident, self-esteem and have emotional roll coasters. The stress in life can affect the physical appearance too. The way women force their outer beauty to become perfect with make-up, jewelry, hair, and clothing; explains why women have that power because men are drawn to physical beauty.

It is the purity within that out shines on the face and if their insides are not ntainted, it is bound to show to the people, despite the looks that you may have. People who are confident in who they are will make the right choices in life and if that person likes who they are will not change who they are for anyone.

It is how individuals talk and the concern or care for other people.

The inner beauty would be yourself being you. You are supposed to focus on your inner beauty than the outer one.

The same is the case with those who are beautiful on the inside, they may not be beautiful on the outside, but their personality is such that they are still appealing to those who know them.

The first thing I see or notice about someone is their appearance physical beauty. If one person that has characteristics of physical beauty and one person that has inner beauty traits both walk by the same guy, which one do you think he will talk to first?

Inner beauty is when you are a kind person, helpful and nice towards other people. Vanity, greed, jealous or the other sins may come to any person in any form but knowing who you are is the important factor in life.

Let it be your personality, your looks or even your habits, beauty can have various forms. What each individual feels they are in the inside reflects on who they are on the outside.

The age of physical beauty changes, but inside beauty is a choice to change. The similarities and disadvantages of the two types of beauties are equal. Inner beauty is a concept that is related to the intellect or other factors that pleases other people. Even though looks do count to an extent, if you have the traits of a lovable person, no looks can match up to it.

Inner Beauty Beauty is an aspect; a characteristic that a person has which can be defined as anything that appeals the other person. Outside beauty is when you are beautiful on the outside, like pretty or good looking.

Let it be your personality, your looks or even your habits, beauty can have different forms. Therefore, inner beauty wins this argument when it comes to being practical, it is the person that you are which matters to people not the way you look.

You succeed because of your good personality not with your good looks. The majority of people who have a stronger physical appearance beauty may be healthy as well. Although we know that it is who we are on the inside that really counts, we cannot dismiss the role outward characteristics- particularly facial features- play in forming personal relationships, being accepted into social groups and opening doors to careers and other opportunities.

Everyone takes these matters in different ways but the fact remains the same, inner beauty contributes the most in the practical life. Inner beauty reflect outer beauty, without inner beauty there is no value for outer beauty.

How could you know, who you are, if you focus on what other features everyone else has?This paper is intended to make the reader think about inner and outer beauty.

I define inner beauty as a beauty that someone has inside and they help you and are not judgmental. I define outer beauty as the beauty that is good to look at, but only in a physical sense.

"Physical beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but inner beauty is something that shines from inside and no one can deny it." -Unknown. Although everyone may have the same brain, comprehension of beauty differs from person to person. Many believe that what's on the outside is only what matters; others say what is on the inside is what counts.3/5(2).

PHYSICAL BEAUTY VS. INNER BEAUTY A. Comparison and Contrast Beauty is a characteristic of a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction.

It can be your personality, your looks or even your habits. Physical beauty could refer to someone's outer attributes such as elegance, complexion or figure while inner beauty is more concerned with someone's traits such as a sense of humor, character or good general behavior, kind heart, empathy, always helping nature.

We have physical beauty, which can be a person's features, figure, or complexion. And inner beauty can be personality traits, habits or even your sense of humor. The definition of beauty keeps on changing based on what every individual thinks or looks in another person.

- The Quest for Inner Beauty in Jane Erye The beauty of a woman is usually classified into two categories: superficial, or physical, beauty and inner, or intellectual, beauty.

In the Charlotte Bronte's Jane Erye, the protagonist rejects her own physical beauty in favor of her intelligence and morality.

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