Life and turning point

Not only has this tragic accident showed me what my purpose is in life, but also it has connected me with so many amazing people. Get more stuff like this in your inbox Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.

My Career Turning Point

On this particular turning point day, Don brought his mother to our home to visit my mother. They are followed by more turning points. In Septembermy dad borrowed roof racks for the car and bought me a large black steamer trunk. I saved much of the money earned and applied it toward my education. Along with the design concerns were the challenges of making the appliances function within cost guidelines and the numerous additional restrictions required.

Do Life's Turning Points Make a Difference?

He explained in great detail how he designed intricate components of toasters and miniature ovens and other small appliances. But I managed to sell my house rather than go through a foreclosure sale and eviction. One day I asked my dad if he would drive me the miles to Lewisburg so I could see the school first hand.

Introducing The Turning Points of Life Blog

I also considered Annapolis, the Naval Academy. In fact he built the house we lived in and all the houses in our immediate neighborhood. At the time it was not appreciated because it required long hours in the library researching chemistry and chemists.

It was completely full and many close friends and family got the chance to speak. However, suppose that invitation to L. For many turning points are just that - an experience that leads you in one direction.

It was a six hour drive with numerous stops in little coal towns along the way. The accident happened because a semi-driver ran a stoplight.

Turning Point Those brief hours in my room with my cousin Don sharing his enthusiasm for engineering was a major turning point for me because it changed my focus on the career I pursued.

I walked through the quaint residential streets from the center of town toward the university, taking in the ambiance and dreaming what it would be like to live there for four years.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Would you still get to where you are today and be doing what you are doing now? I must have looked bewildered because a coed stopped me and asked if I needed help. If this accident never occurred I cannot imagine what type of person I would be or where I would be going in life.

Eventually, I got the courage to go down the stairs and was greeted by a nervous police officer that I had never seen before. After dinner we went back home so my brother and I could go to sleep early enough to go to school the next day and my dad could go work the third shift.

Then an unexpected turning point came into my life. Franzino at the Blackboard I was blessed at the time with a special mentor in my uncle Albert.The idea of turning points in our lives is a powerful one. It's the idea that at a certain point, a big event happens that changes your life irrevocably.

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This turning point is born of suffering. It is born of the recognition that you are failing in your attempt to organize your life successfully in keeping with how you really feel on the inside.

Perhaps it meets the criteria of culture and the expectations of your family and others, and they hail you as a success, but inside there is emptiness. Life has been good to me. I have been blessed with an extraordinary number of turning points that had profound changes in the direction of my life.

By utilizing this blog to share them with you, I hope to inspire you to see the turning points in your life. Turning Point Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. "I started life washing cars in Canada before moving on to selling life insurance and vacuum cleaners.

Turning Point Those brief hours in my room with my cousin Don sharing his enthusiasm for engineering was a major turning point for me because it changed my focus on the career I pursued. But turning points seldom are just singular in nature.

Life and turning point
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