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Air support had planned to bombard enemy positions for 55 minutes; however, miscommunication between Texas 14 and higher led to a short bombardment and a total of six bombs being dropped.

Unlike the Soviets inHagenbeck would not signal the coming ground battle through protracted air strikes in advance. Moseley and briefed him on the plan well before the order was e-mailed to his headquarters on 20 February.

This break in unity of command caused much friction in the early stages of Operation Anaconda.

That was kind of the basic premise that it was going to be when [the battle plan] was established. The expectation was that fighters, as in the case of Tora Bora several months earlier, would flee in the face of an assault and that blocker groups would simply be able to round them up.

These assets were tasked instead to the TF Anvil troops. Asked if the threat justified the urgency to get the battle started — or if, in retrospect, he wishes he had taken more time to coordinate Anaconda in advance — Hagenbeck responded: One reason for advance Operation anaconda essay in combat operations is that, as combat and resupply details are studied and honed, they tend to grow, military officers say.

What are the targets? How do you horizontally deconflict, and how do you vertically deconflict moving the air into that confined space? This article may not be reproduced or redistributed, in part Operation anaconda essay in whole, without express permission of the publisher.

In a sense, the principle of war maneuver comes to light when speaking of Takur Ghar as well. Army battalions had, other than the lightly armed infantry personnel, were a small number of AH Apaches and a few AC gunships; however, one of the problems with that was, the gunships were under control of SOF forces and were only allowed to fly at night, so that further cut down on fire superiority.

Though the battle raged on for nearly five times the number of days Hagenbeck originally anticipated, victory was plucked from a possible defeat. In retrospect, we can now see that the majority of enemy fighters were already dug deep in to the mountainous terrain and ridgelines with heavy machine guns, RPGs, and artillery in some cases.

At times, the debate has devolved into finger-pointing, with the Anaconda commander, Army Lt. We had our frustrating moments, but I do think it worked very well. It became apparent after the initial push and when things took a turn for the worse that these deficiencies crippled the ground posture of U.

Inaccurate intelligence reports led to the misinterpretation of the enemy. The air component learned of the battle too late to request a frequency reallocation, leaving air controllers a single frequency on which to coordinate all target bombing close to friendly forces, he said.

Airmen, sailors and Marines offer the potential to provide substantial logistical and combat support to ground forces, if sufficient planning and logistics is done upfront, military officials and experts agree. Though the operation was Army-led, even some officers in that service have questioned why ground leaders vastly misjudged the number of al Qaeda and Taliban fighters on the ground as being one-tenth the number U.

Operation Anaconda Battle Analysis

What are the opportunities to keep your equipment up? The road was in poor condition and difficulties ensued. Moseley rejects the notion his air operations center had in any way become disengaged in the Afghan effort.

The lack of a clear, cohesive command structure caused breaks in communication which directly correlated to the absence or violation of several principles of war: But in another, less-noticed omission, Army commanders left most of their mortars out of the Anaconda fight, as well.

Ropel was later awarded the Bronze Star Medal with a Valor device for his actions. The weather is not good? In retrospect, Hagenbeck now says he would have raised Anaconda during a video-teleconference with Moseley and others early in the planning process.

We could have focused the ISR collection better. Infantry battalions of the st and 10th Mountain were deployed with no tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, or artillery. On the combat side of the campaign, Corley was coming up with just as many question marks, he said.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Then weather forced the delay. Had it not been for bad weather, the battle was to have been launched less than 48 hours later.

It is composed of two distinct areas, the Lower and Upper the Shahi-Kot which run roughly parallel to each other. Another team codenamed India, composed of three Delta operators and an attached ISA operator walked into the valley through the same conditions to a hide in the southwest of the valley, known as the "Fish Hook".

Operation Anaconda

Unity of Command, a revered principle of war, was violated and ultimately affected the battle in a negative light.Anaconda: Object Lesson In Poor Planning Or Triumph Of Improvisation? In his new book, retired Army Gen.

Tommy Franks depicts Operation Anaconda, a March battle in Afghanistan's Shahikot Valley, as a clear victory against an estimated 2, al Qaeda and other fighters. OPERATION ANACONDA OVERVIEW What follows is a brief summary of the critical events that shaped the planning and conduct of Operation Anaconda, the final and largest battle in the initial invasion of Afghanistan.

Operation Anaconda Part of the War in Afghanistan U.S. soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) prepare to dig into fighting positions during. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Get started now! Free Essay: Operation ANACONDA was the last major stand-up battle between al Qaeda fighters and conventional Coalition military might in Afghanistan. It was. Operation anaconda was US operation against the Taliban The operation took place in the Shahi-Kot Valley and Arma Mountains southeast of Zormat.

This operation was the first large-scale battle in the United States War in Afghanistan since the Battle of Tora Bora in December

Operation anaconda essay
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