Promoting national unity in sri lanka

Meanwhile, he said the Constitution Reform process is prioritised as a measure for guaranteeing non-recurrence of conflict. Creation of a platform for tertiary level students to present findings from their researches to help the process of national decision making, this can be achieved by creating partnerships with state universities and the assistance of university academics can also be used in national policy making with regards to reconciliation.

This too was successfully done. Added to this, there is a vicious whispering campaign carried on, at a personal level, in England and the USA against the Sinhala people.

National coherence will be achieved through interaction of cultures and this will promote national unity. It was also a cardinal principle of these foreign rulers to disintegrate the majority into splinter groups.

Knowledge and the creation of intellectuals who are nourished with rich cultural knowledge can help develop innovations and policies that will help the country achieve economic growth and stability.

What they consistently did was to poison the minds of the minority groups and encourage them to fight to retain the unjust privileges they had received during the era of foreign domination. The point of view is put forward that the Sinhalese Buddhist majority is intolerant and is trying to deprive the minorities of their rights.

Their English language newspapers are primarily accountable for this. Friedrich Affolter, Education Specialist at UNICEF, noted that early childhood education in the realm of peacebuilding was a topic that was often overlooked and commended Think Equal on bringing the Promoting national unity in sri lanka to the spotlight.

He emphasised that as a country that has suffered from a prolonged ethnic conflict and has entered its post-conflict reconciliation phase, Sri Lanka is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion, compassion and equality among its diverse religious and ethnic communities.

Promoting National Unity in Sri Lanka Through Education

As the President recently stressed, security forces will not be unfairly targeted or punished. Promotion of learning cultural studies and peace and conflict studies as a linked subject at secondary and tertiary levels where students will be given transfer scholarships to different areas of the country to study about culture and traditions of a particular ethnic group and also be given opportunity to study and research about post conflict consequences.

The Catholic Church with Press support has opposed almost every national and progressive movement in this country. Do they not realize that creating the atmosphere of conflict has dire repercussions, consequences and domino effects? So it is important to break language barriers between people in order to bridge them through communication.

The Modus Operandi of this movement is to infiltrate into key positions in the Aimed Services, the Police and the Public Services, and the organs that mould public opinion such as the Radio and the Press.

We will write a custom essay sample on Promoting National Unity in Sri Lanka Through Education or any similar topic only for you We will write a custom essay sample on Promoting National Unity in Sri Lanka Through Education or any similar topic only for you Order now This should be taught at the school level so that future generations will hopefully have a different but positive attitude towards other cultures besides their culture.

He said there is no nation that does not have challenges, and no nation is perfect.

It is now under a Catholic dictatorship. This essay will analyze the ways of achieving unity through education with relation to the Sri Lankan society. It can also be used to share knowledge.

Think Equal promoting national unity in Sri Lanka thru’ pre-schools

These newspapers promoted the view that the position of the minority groups was analogous to that which existed in South Africa Angola and Rhodesia, where the indigenous black Africans were subject to blatant racial discrimination.

The extent of the infiltration shows the danger with which we are faced. Of course it is natural to be impatient; it is natural to question; and it is natural to feel a sense of frustration. The movement was initiated by the Pope in The Editorial Staff of their English newspapers are almost entirely Catholic.

In conclusion it is to be understood that when considering the above factors, giving equal significance to all ethnic groups, adopting a trilingual policy and developing people to people contacts is important to achieve national unity and national development.

Promoting HR cannot be done overnight: Robin Stern, Associate Director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence highlighted the partnership with the Center and Think Equal, including in developing the curriculum of lesson plans which provide specific emotional intelligence tools for children.

National unity government

In Sri Lanka it is the Politicians and the Media that is dividing the people. Concentrating on the significance of two of the above factors in achieving national development, the adaptation of a trilingual policy plays key role in this narrative.

Promoting HR cannot be done overnight: SL

Posted in Local News Does Free Speech connote to mean that the media can say what they like, against whom they dislike and as often as they like generating an influence over those they capture across their media channels?

That is far from the truth and people relying on the newspapers of Sri Lanka only as the source representative of Sri Lanka would be foolish to derive at such a conclusion.

Since equal significance will be given to all the nationalities and thereby language and cultural disputes will be solved and the reoccurrence of a tragedy such as the ethnic conflict which crippled the Sri Lankan economy will not take place.

Kennedyand the September 11 attacksall of which not only had a worldwide effect, but preceded a massive spike in the approval rating of the sitting President.

National parties[ edit ] Some countries such as New Zealand have or have had a National Party, which can lead to the use of the phrase "National government" when it is in power.A national unity government, government of national unity, or national union government is a broad coalition government consisting of all parties (or all major parties) in the legislature, usually formed during a time of war or other national emergency.

Religious Harmony And The Unity Of The Sri Lankan Nation. So many Gods, so many creeds, So many paths that wind and wind, While just the art of being kind. General Information Technology (GIT) Syllabus Grade 12 (Effective from ) society, building up the nation and confirming the identity of Sri Lanka by promoting national integrity, national unity, national coherence and peace 2.

While responding to the challenges of the dynamic world, identifying and conserving the National heritage. Is Sri Lanka’s Media promoting Peace?

These papers should be properly controlled to enable us to play up national unity.’ Sri Lanka’s post-conflict is unlikely to get anywhere if politicians do not stop using communal politics to advance their personal political careers and political vote base while media decide to act with.

With the formation of a national unity government inSri Lanka entered a new era of hope for the dismantling of wartime restrictions and the restoration of fundamental democratic norms. In this new environment, The Asia Foundation remains committed to its long-term objectives of promoting inclusive economic growth, advancing local.

Sri Lanka now stands in a position where the country is gradually recovering from brutal wounds of war and this is high time for the nation to look into aspects of promoting unity among diverse cultures and ethnic groups to avoid the reoccurrence of such a tragedy.

Promoting national unity in sri lanka
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