The westing game writing activities

Now take some time to put your thoughts down on paper.

The Westing Game Book Unit Activities

Things students should keep in mind as they write include: Want more help teaching Teaching The Westing Game: Check out all the different parts of our corresponding learning guide. For this artistic activity, you will create a "Wanted" poster for the character you feel is guilty.

Things you should keep in mind as you write include: Who or perhaps Hoo is the most suspicious of the sixteen Westing heirs? For example, for Judge Ford, they might draw a gavel, for Sandy they might feature a boxing glove, and for Turtle, they might draw a braid.

Teaching The Westing Game: A Puzzle Mystery

Here are the deets on what you get with your teaching guide: Resources to help make the book feel more relevant to your 21st-century students. Posters should include the following: Now allow students to put these thoughts down on paper.

Discussion and essay questions for all levels of students. Describe them, both physically and in terms of character traits or interests. For this artistic activity, students will create a "Wanted" poster for the character they feel is guilty.

Remember, you want people to be able to identify the wanted person by looking at them. Your wanted poster should include the following: Discuss this question—as well as the following—with your peers. Other character traits that are important for example, "fast runner," "limps," or "wears black all the time" Step 3: Pose this question—as well as the following—to your students, perhaps in small groups, in order to open dialogue.Expand students' experience of The Westing Game with these creative activities that engage students in analyzing character traits and relationships.

Literature: "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin Links.

Westing Game Activities Report this link as broken? Here are three activities that use art and writing and can be used in conjunction with the book. ThinkQuest: The Westing Heirs Report this link as broken? Find and save ideas about The westing game on Pinterest.

Writing a Mystery

| See more ideas about Facebook profile, Reading projects and Book projects. Writing a Mystery Unit For teachers who would like just the Writing a Mystery without the full The Westing Game Book Unit, I have a product for you.

Share this. A teacher's guide to teaching The Westing Game, full of standards-based activities designed to interest your students.

The Westing Game Book Unit The Westing Game Book Unit contains graphic organizers for an interactive notebook and game activities covering vocabulary, comprehension questions, constructive response writing, and skill practice.

The westing game writing activities
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