Write apple ii disks pc

Since any changes made to that file would be lost when you close it, the file is opened read-only. For example, if some of the sectors of a file are not marked as "in use", the next file you copy to the disk could overwrite parts of the existing file, corrupting it. The disk format auto-detection algorithms rely on finding the disk catalog track.

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This is largely an excersise in cycle counting. Then I replaced the instructions with appropriate AVR code. Both implemenations require heavy bit twiddling by the AVR.

After Wozniak finished studying IBM disk controller designs, Jobs then demanded that Shugart sell them a stripped disk drive that had no controller board, index sensor, load solenoids, or track zero sensor.

Thus a new and much more advanced and correspondingly expensive hardware floppy controller had to be used. The main downside of this is the complexity of integrating a solution.

Pretty close to working, but not quite there. How do I open a modified or slightly damaged DOS 3. Once this was corrected, head positioning is exactly as expected.

Up to 14 drives could be attached to one Apple II or Apple IIe computer - two drives per controller card, one card per slot, and there were seven usable slots per computer. To be able to write to these disks with CiderPress, you need to expand them to their full size.

The connector is very easy to misalign on the controller card, which will short out a certain IC in the drive; if later connected correctly, a drive damaged this way will delete any disk inserted into it as soon as it starts spinning, even write-protected disks such as those used to distribute commercial software.

Writing Apple IIgs Programs to 5

And many original Apple IIs could not use the new controller card at all without further upgrades. Read-only mode is enabled by default for physical disks, but you can change this from the "Disk Images" tab of the "Preferences" interface.

You need to convert the disk image to a format accepted by software on the Apple II and then transfer it over. Only one side could be accessed at once, but it did essentially double the capacity of each floppy diskette, an important consideration especially in the early years when media was still quite expensive.

My existing test vehicle uses a UART based interface, which could easily be expanded to support computer communications rather than a direct human interface. Another approach is to create a new volume and copy all of the files over. Other than that, it looks like putting together the format function will be the next task I take on.

In some cases, disks with modified versions of standard file systems will fail to be recognized. ByApple switched to Alps drives for cost reasons.Aug 09,  · I have several old 5 1/4" disks containing some data files I would like to make available for usage on my PC. The files are from around and I believe were on an Apple II era machine.

Jan 09,  · Writing Apple IIgs Programs to " Disks on a PC - posted in Apple II Computers: Is it possible to write Apple IIgs disk images to " disks using a PC? You can do this with Atari ST disks (using WFD Copy), but.

The Disk II was designed specifically for use with the Apple II personal computer family to replace the slower cassette tape storage.

These floppy drives cannot be used with any Macintosh without an Apple IIe Card as doing so will damage the drive or the controller. Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS (ADTPro) transfers physical disks and disk images between Apple II-era computers and the modern world.

It can even get your Apple running if you don't have any disks at all.

How to covert some old Apple II (ala '86) to PC files?

Jun 26,  · So here's my question: does anyone here know how to read and write Apple II disks from Windows? I've heard of it being done before, but I wanted to ask your opinion first. I have quite a few modern systems in. Modern PC to Disk ][ Interface So far this project is going much smoother than that difficult PS2 to Apple II keyboard interface I just completed.

Hope things continue this smoothly. 1/19/ - I debugged the write sector code this last weekend. I can now write sector data to pre formatted disks.

Write apple ii disks pc
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