Writing a workforce development plan

What are the next steps for implementation of your workforce action plan? What is the consultation with your current workforce telling you regarding workforce issues and what is working well or what could be improved? What future skills and competencies are required?

What is the organisational structure?

What is the workforce supply and demand for priority job roles? Review your workforce plan regularly — about every 6 months or if there has been a major workforce change or refocus of the business.

Current workforce profile, 3. Workforce development strategies address the gaps that you find when you undertake workforce planning and training needs analysis where the output is a workforce plan. What challenges are being faced? What is our business planning process? Gap analysis, priorities, implementation, 5.

It is an umbrella term for implementing strategies that help you bridge the gap between your current workforce and your target future workforce.

So what is workforce development? What are your strengths and development needs? Context and environment, 2. What policies and initiatives national, state, local are being implemented? You may want to build a capability framework to help you measure your workforce capability and capacity.

What are our goals for this Workforce Plan? Revisiting your demand and supply forecasting is important to see if you are on track. What are the current workforce priorities, based on your workforce profiling and analysis? Why is it important? What are the workforce implications and issues?

What is the consultation with your workforce telling you regarding future workforce issues? How will you evaluate the strategies in your workforce plan? The process is facilitated transparently, involving people from across your organisation to help identify strengths, development needs and issues.

Step 1- Context and Environment Why? Future workforce profile including forecasting demand and supply, 4. What are the links between business planning and workforce issues? How does this affect our workforce? What are the current skills and competencies of your workforce?

What are the future workforce priorities, based on your workforce profiling and analysis? What funding sources are accessed? What current initiatives, projects and services are being provided?

The steps are reflected in the document itself starting with 1. External Environment What is happening in the external environment at an international, national, industry, regional or local level?

What are the performance measures for our Workforce Plan? What will the future environment require? What will we focus on? Why do we need to undertake workforce planning?Workforce development strategies address the gaps that you find when you undertake workforce planning and training needs analysis where the output is a workforce plan.

The strategies could be about attraction, recruitment, retention, career progression, succession planning, job design, skills and competencies, values and behaviours, KPI’s and. Developing a Workforce Plan: Setting the Foundation - Session 1 Consider using the Workforce Planning Survey & Development Tool Write in “Gather data for workforce planning” Box 6 - Frequency of report: Check “Other (please specify)” and write.

Competency-Based Workforce Development Plans Related Categories: Council on Linkages, Workforce Development. Overview Workforce development plans are an essential component of Public Health Accreditation Board accreditation.

Samples of Resources for Workforce Development Plan Development. A Workforce Development Plan is a plan for an organisation that identifies where an organisation is in terms of developing the skills of its staff, where it wants to go and how it intends to get there.

This will involve recognising the current skills of the workforce and identifying any skills gaps* or skills shortages* that need to be addressed. Creating a Workforce Development Plan. Workforce Development Planning A workforce development plan is a document.

The document is the outcome of a planning process that is extremely valuable on its own. Think of the saying about the journey being just as important as the destination.

A Workforce Development Plan for the Early Childhood Care and Education Sector in Ireland The ECCE workforce should be supported to achieve qualifications (appropriate to their occupational role and profile) that equip them .

Writing a workforce development plan
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